About Me

My name is Mindaugas Onaitis I am a jeweler who doesn’t like to be fit into frames created by others.

My professional journey as a jeweler started in the Tallin Academy of Fine Arts. While working with Darijus Gerlikas gallery I started to embrace the technical side of the jewellery. Nowadays, I am teaching others myself. I help people find a sense of beauty.

I don’t try imagining myself in the near future, this moment is most important in my life and my jewellery. Though it may look like the lack of purpose, but this means to be free and take the opportunities of the creator.

While creating I am mostly impressed with the process. The moment when the metal becomes into sensual lifelike accessory. What’s even better that everyone sees the unique creation differently.

Most of my works are based on gold and silver, palladium is my near future. I also work with brilliants, sapphires, pomegranates, lemons and of course diamonds.